Our first step is always to arrange a meeting or phone call with your company. During this meeting we're looking to gather as much information about your business needs, current website, and how you'd like to see your website improve.


Using the information that we've gathered we'll prepare an initial proposal. This will provide you with a ballpark figure for the project along with a breakdown of the work involved in completing your project.


During this stage we'll work directly with your company to prepare a specification dictating exactly how your project will progress. This will include the a breakdown of any 3rd party extensions we recommend using, bespoke extensions that we'll be writing for you, a roadmap for the project, and a final cost. Only when both parties are happy with the plan we'll progress to the next step.


This phase involves us getting our heads down and preparing your website. Throughout the process our work will be observable on a staging version of the website and we will keep in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure you're happy with the progress.

Businesses move quickly and consequently your business needs may change during the development process. An important part of staying in touch during this phase is to ensure that we're aware of these changes and can work with you to factor them into the project.


Testing and development go hand-in-hand, and for that reason we use a rigorous continuous integration recipe to make sure every change to the code base adheres to coding standards and works as expected across a range of browsers and devices.

At the end of the project we'll take a predefined amount of time out to intensively test the site as part of our launch preparation.


This is commonly thought to be the most stressful part of a project. However, by preparing and testing the system infrastructure a sufficient amount of time before the launch date, we ensure they're go as smoothly as possible.

With regards to the downtime typically associated with a website launch, we will monitor sales to determine your off-peak hours and schedule the launch during this period.


Like your business your eCommerce store is constantlyDevelopment evolving; following project launch we will be there to continue helping your online business grow.

If you would like to learn more about our offerings, take a look at our support contracts