Our strength is in creating stylish, bespoke, responsive Magento designs that complement the architecture of the system while also expressing all the creativity of each client’s brand.

Our approach to Magento design involves close collaboration with our clients from the outset, incorporating consultative techniques and analysis in order that we ensure we fully understand your business and its online requirements and potential. This process enables us to generate a high-level blueprint for the site, which is represented in the form of design wireframes where we work with our clients to build a consensus on the information architecture and navigational structure for the site.

From this point, our experienced design team are adept at finding the correct balance between creative, stylish web design which accentuates your branding and excellent user experience. Our in-depth knowledge of Magento and experience of analysing how users interact with the system, enables us to ensure that our designs serve to optimise, and not complicate, the user experience.

Our design process is ultimately focussed on maximising your online potential and delivering a high rate of conversion.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is now extremely important in online retail, as more and more people browse the web via a variety of devices, from tablets and smartphones to high resolution displays. Our approach to design ensures that our clients’ sites are fully optimised for all platforms, and that user journeys are streamlined to allow potential customers to convert as smoothly as possible, regardless of the device they are using.

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