The Challenge.

Due to the brand going into administration and the pre-existing Demandware platform being deactivated shortly thereafter there was significant pressure to port the Jaeger website to Magento in an exceptionally compressed timeline in order to keep the brand trading under the acquiring company EWMG.

Our Approach.

This involved writing a custom importer to map the customer, order and catalogue data to equivalent Magento entities, and recreating various frontend and backend features of the demandware store in Magento to provide as seamless as possible a customer experience.

We also provided the architecture and implementation for an AWS hosting infrastructure to house the Jaeger online stores, which we continue to maintain.

The Outcome.

The stated result from the Group Head of eCommerce (Josh Lowes) at EWMG was the saving of around 450 jobs within Jaeger; and while there was previous uncertainty over the future of the brand, it is now trading strongly online both on the mainline and retail outlet websites, taking approx. £80k of orders per day from the first day of trading on the new Magento store.

Since then, we have introduced a number of new features and optimisations - for example, a custom layered navigation implementation, a bespoke account section, Amazon payment integration and a suite of UI enhancements.

Key Projects

Loyalty Points Integration

A bespoke Rest API integration into OmniCo’s Loyalty Points Platform, this project entailed building a custom Magento Module to enable 86k Jaeger Customers to utilise their loyalty points balances against purchases.

To minise development time, we extended the native Magento Enterprise Edition Customer Balance functionality, and ensured that customer loyalty points balances were synchronised across the full order life cycle in a robust and fault tolerant manner.

To enhance customer experience, Jaeger's custom checkout was extended to permit the partial, and full application of loyalty points balances against purchases, and the customer account portal was updated to display balance statements, and relevant loyalty tier information.

Financial Reporting

During this project, we were challenged to refactor, and consolidate functionality contained across multiple existing standalone financial reporting frameworks into a single portable Magento module.

The resulting module was rolled out across all EWMG brands, and faciliates the automated integration of transactional information from Magento into EWMG's current ERP System for financial reporting, and stock replenishment purposes.

In addition to the consolidation of existing logic, a bespoke notification framework was implemented to highlight potential data discrepancies, and provide EWMG with full visibility of the complete integration lifecycle.

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