The Challenge.

Jacobs & Turner Ltd approached SixBySix in 2015 to become the core development resource for their Trespass and Nevisport stores. There were a number of priority issues to be addressed, such as poor performance, frequent downtime and the difficulty in introducing new features due to legacy code and core Magento hacks.

Our Approach.

We initially addressed key issues such as the stability of the stores and a number of performance bottlenecks. We eliminated the frequent downtime and sluggish performance being experienced during high concurrency on the site, and we reduced the page load time on from 8 to 1.5 seconds. This was achieved through processes such as refactoring the legacy codebase, switching to HTTP2, introducing varnish and a number of frontend performance improvements, including the configuration of Google PageSpeed and the use of HTML5 techniques for delivering optimised images to the end user.

Crucially, through the removal of core Magento hacks, we were able to provide a solid base for introducing new features to the sites.

The Outcome.

Following the stabilisation of the platform, SixBySix were then able to deliver a number of UI improvements, such as a redevelopment of key UI components including the desktop and mobile menu functionality, in addition to an overhaul of the layered navigation with a specific focus on enhancing the experience for mobile users.

There has also been significant involvement in improving reporting features for understanding customer behaviour: in addition to implementing Enhanced Analytics tracking and assisting with segmenting customer data, we have also developed a custom A/B test suite to allow Trespass to run concurrent tests on new features such as the new navigation. This A/B test suite will be used to test the new custom checkout we are developing for

We also implemented a bespoke scarcity messaging module which resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates.

We have assisted Trespass with their internationalisation ambitions by improving the GeoIP functionality, building a new French store, and performing new integrations with the French marketplaces LaRedoute and CDiscount.

Finally, in early 2017 we developed a new Magento store for Trespass for their sister brand DLX.

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